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June 15, 2023
What is Mixed Reality?
It's called mixed reality because it lies at the intersection of two technologies: augmented reality and virtual reality.
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June 28, 2023
The Various Uses of Mixed Reality
What is the practical use of mixed reality?
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July 10, 2023
Motion sickness during VR
I'll explain what motion sickness is, why it happens and how to prevent it so that you can enjoy your virtual reality experience to the fullest.
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Informations about our studio

Mixed reality

Our startup utilizes mixed reality to create immersive video game experiences that combine the real world with virtual elements. We push the boundaries of human-computer interaction by leveraging advanced technologies such as motion capture and spatial recognition.


We are a startup specializing in mixed reality development. By combining our expertise in software development, interactive design, and content creation, we create playful and immersive experiences. We are agile, flexible, and passionate about technological innovation.


Our goal is to revolutionize entertainment by offering high-quality mixed reality video games. We aim to introduce our games into virtual reality arcades and make them accessible to individuals. We want to provide captivating and unique adventures, whether it's at home or in dedicated virtual reality spaces.

Our games

Hell Rift
Mixed reality game
Coming soon.



Gaston Rouquette

Chief Executive Officer


Baptiste David

Director of New Technologies


Mickaël Saes-vincensini

Chief Operating Officer


Enzo Mariant

Chief Financial Officer

Team active about AR since 2020


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